Free Online Games

Free Online Games
If you think that games are for kids only - you're wrong! There is a big population of gamers from all over the world who live their "parallel life" online, not only in the SecondLife but in millions of other games, like they are running away from reality.

Today on the internet you can find two types of games:

1. Games you can play online
2. Games you have to download to be able to play
First (online games) are probably more popular with occasional players and second (games for download) are for experienced gamers who tends to play one game for longer period of time.

Let's see what are the most popular places containing free online games:
For themselves, they say: This is the ultimate free games site. A new free game is added every day 365 days a year.
Here you can find free online flash games within your browser including Puzzle Games, Action Games and Arcade Games.
This website offers full versions of free PC games for download.
Have fun playing puzzle games, action games, sports games, flash games, adventure games, multiplayer games and many more.

And, if you didn't know, even Yahoo! has its own place to play free online games at